Holiday Seasonal

Cranberry Ginger Ale

Everything you expect from a crisp clean Ginger Ale but with an explosion surprise of sweet & tart cranberry will immediately transport you into Holiday mode.


OSU "Orange"

Simply put if you love Orange Soda, we will be seeing a lot of you. Infused taste of a freshly squeezed orange with a hint of creamy vanilla delivers an irresistible “are you kidding me” moment.

Proud licensee of


We Oklahomans know and love our Root Beer, and Okola-homa Root Beer was made for this exact reason. Handcrafted and perfectly brewed with pleasing hints of Vanilla and Pure Cane Sugar, creating the richest, smoothest and creamiest Root Beer. Caffeine Free.


Expect to be blown away! Experience an explosion of Cherry, Vanilla and Spice. Perfectly brewed and handcrafted with Pure Cane Sugar. Don’t resist the Vortex!


A taste bud infusion! Our Cream Soda is destined to become a classic favorite. Hints of Vanilla blend nicely into a smooth, creamy, rich and balanced flavor leaving all other cream sodas behind. Handcrafted with only the finest ingredients and always made with Pure Cane Sugar. Caffeine Free.


Take your cola assumptions and throw them out the window. Now think Okie Kola! Crisp, sparkling and refreshing greatness. Handcrafted with hints of Caramel and always made with Pure Cane Sugar.

2021 Winner
“Most Innovative”
Award for

— Innovative Approach
— Unique Design
— Brand Identification
— Relevance to the ORA